Nothing About Us At All

In Poetry on August 21, 2011 at 10:11 am

What if I melted into you
the first time we met?
what if we discovered
we didn’t know discovery yet?

would you let me into you
even if I weren’t a star?
A wig and silly glasses
only go so far

but not tonight
tonight I’m a star
And you’re my galaxy
and they know nothing
about us
at all

What if we made a momentary connection?
Across continents and countries
while we were in one room
would we become one piece?

what if we had Sunday morning?
After Saturday night?
What if our spark turned to flame?
Would that be all right?

If I brought you coffee and donuts
while your head lay on my pillow
would you stay for lunch?
or would you just go?

  1. I ilked that. Welcome back.

  2. You got music for that??

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