Dear Jeff, Part III

In Conversations with God on September 20, 2009 at 9:10 am


All right all right. Give Me a moment to check this place out and I will then do my best to……wow, this place is niiiiiiiiice. Check out the metal siding. Fireplace…detached garage…who did those gates? I’m gonna have to tell Peter about those. What’s this button? IS THIS AN ELEVATOR? OH MY ME!!! Wow, an elevator to the second…there are THREE floors?! You’ve gotta be kidding Me. Oh man, look at this view. Real hardwood floors. SWEET balcony!! And you’ve had no offers on these units yet even after dropping the price 20%? What the hell’s wrong with you people? I essentially set you up to be the most intelligent species on the planet. Look, if you don’t want the brain I’ll give it to the dolphins or whatever.

Okay look, I can thoroughly understand why you question My existence when a place like this doesn’t sell. NOT! Don’t get me wrong, this place is super sweet but, again, this is a Jeff Chacon production and, forgive Me, but I don’t seem to recall being consulted during planning, building, and I certainly didn’t get invited to that little shindig you had back in December 2008. But now you’re expecting Me to help you sell the place? Would you really want Me to cast a spell over someone and make them buy it? Because If I did that to them, you should then be okay with Me casting a similar spell over you at some point and, knowing you as I do, I’m guessing you don’t like that idea. Patience Jeffrey. I know you have the faith (in a lot of things); it’s patience you’re short on which is understandable. You’ve made a great product, you’re asking a fair price, you’ve put forth a great effort to get the word out, someone will buy it, it’s just gonna take some time. It’s really that simple. Trying to bring Me into the equation increases the complexity of this situation way more than necessary. Keep it simple. And again, you’ve really done a very nice job here. You should be proud of your accomplishment as I am proud of you. Now are those gates wrought iron or what?

Editor’s note: To see what God’s talking about, literally, go to

  1. You made this series a show piece for the place? Genius!

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