Dear Jeff, Part II

In Conversations with God on August 10, 2009 at 4:37 pm


Dear Jeff,

It’s not that things are slower than usual it’s just that I’m the ultimate multi-tasker.

Does intent matter?  Well, that depends.  As the trip-per, you didn’t intend to trip your opponent but as the trip-pee your opponent is still down on the ice regardless of whether you intended the trip or not.  The point is, accidents do happen but the fact is there is still a consequence for them.  Do you really believe you’re the first person who has ever tried to lead an “exemplary” existence but still experiences “bad things”?  Things happen.  They are not always of My doing.  It is pointless to question Me about them because I had nothing to do with them.  Do you really think I have (or want) any control over whether you buy/sell this duplex?  Instinctively I have endowed all living things with the need for food, water, and shelter.  Now, buying a parcel of land, knocking down the existing structure, and putting up a very fine duplex for the sake of making a profit isn’t exactly what I had in mind when it comes to “shelter”.  YOU people have created ownership.  YOU people have created wealth.  I just wanted to give you an impetus for getting out of the rain, wind, and cold.  Central heating was never in the mix.

You seem to be getting frustrated with Me.  You are unhappy that all I offer you at this time are “smelly uncle” hugs and strength that you think you already possess.  If you had the strength, however, you would not be calling upon Me at the moment.  You didn’t seek my advice when it came to building the duplex so why do you seek Me out now?  Because you had the wherewithal to build it but now that you’re feeling the pressures of not being able to sell it you are discovering that you are faltering.  Where were you in the first few weeks and months after the duplex went on the market?  Why weren’t you begging me for buyers at the start?  Because the pressure wasn’t yet greater than your resolve.  You have strength Jeff, but it is limited and when you know it’s almost gone you instinctively seek out more.  You are seeking shelter Jeff, in Me.  It’s what I have always endowed within my children.  And when you seek My shelter, I will shelter you…if you let me.  The business of buying/selling real estate is below Me.  The process of enabling and caring for My children is My business.

Bottom line Jeff; you’re acting like a child right now but that’s because you are.  My child.  Trust that I’ve been around a long time and know what works and what doesn’t.  Put your faith and trust in Me when all else fails (and if you’re smart you’ll do BEFORE all else fails) and things will work out fine.  Not perfectly perhaps, but fine.  Trust Me.

Big squishy hugs,


  1. Um, I’m all for big squishy hugs. Sign me up!

  2. At what point did this turn from funny to existential? Oh, right. If I knew the exact micro-moment, I’d be God. Nevermind.

  3. Hello Jeff!

    Devil’s Advocate here.

    Interesting missives, interesting responses.

    So allow me to posit a question or ten.

    What makes you think God hasn’t been there all along, keeping you safe and looking out for you? Recall anything special about how you started out as a parent and where you spent your first 9 days of being a parent? How many cumultive miles have you and your family traveled safely? You’re all healthy..for the most part…right? Nice neighborhood, good schools, the awesomeness of being a work at home Daddy. The luxury to take more than one vacation a year. The wife. The kids. The love.

    Who says God hasn’t been looking out for you all along and granted you the brains to make the kind of life you lead? And it’s a pretty good life, by most standards.

    So maybe….the real estate deal isn’t about you. Maybe it was about the people you put to work to build it for you. You were there at the right time for them…you were most likely their savior.

    I guess what I am saying is God – if you choose to believe he exists – HAS been there for you…he’s been there all along. Maybe there are lessons to be learned that you haven’t learned yet. One of my friends uncles used to be a very successful business man. He was a millionaire. Then thru reasons that weren’t his fault, his company went under. He lost his business, his house, his friends. But not his family. Or his faith.

    He kept on keeping on. Held his head high. Started another business even tho everyone laughed at him. Laughed hard.

    He’s dead now, but before he died, his business got pretty successful. Sucessful enough for him to be a multi-BILLIONAIRE when he died. Nice rebound, wouldn’t you say?

    In closing, God – if you choose to believe he exists – is always there for you. He may not answer your every little whim, but hey, he’s God…that’s his perogative.

    And while I am not God- very far from God, actually – I do believe in you and your abilities. Always have. Always will. You WILL conquer this difficult part of your life and come out much stronger..and wiser..on the other end.

    And when that happens? I will totally say I told you so!


    Devil's Advocate

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