Dear God, Part II

In Conversations with God on August 10, 2009 at 1:05 pm

Pondering Greatness

Dear God,

Thanks for the prompt response; things must be slow for you up there.  Is the economy affecting the miracle business?

Hugs?  You’re offering me strength and hugs?  Seriously, God, that and three American dollars won’t buy me a decent cup of coffee.  Strength I have; each day I wake up and I’m still breathing and my precious family is still here and my children still look up to me.  A man needs little else to give him strength to persevere through any crisis.  And “hugs” from God don’t exactly help my situation.  If anything, “hugs” from God right now feel a lot like hugs from a strange, smelly uncle that you barely know.  Sure, you know you’re supposed to appreciate it, but you also can’t wait to get some fresh air.

Last week I was playing ice hockey and I was skating back to get a puck that had gone back into our zone; an opposing player was skating just behind me and, as I went to get the puck with my stick, he tripped over my stick and I was called for “tripping”  (You’ll remember all this, if you exist).   I questioned the referee about the call, because I was going for the puck and the trip was unintentional.  The referee said, “Intent doesn’t matter.”

Does it, God?  Does intent matter?  Because if intent doesn’t matter and any lifepath I chose would still lead here, I would have done things slightly differently.  Snorting cocaine off that hooker’s ass in 1987 would have been the start: I’m talking car chases down Sunset Boulevard that same year (with the hooker’s ass sticking out the window), orgies with all of my girlfriend’s friends in high school, and maybe even a bank robbery or two in college to help me pay for books and tuition.  If intent doesn’t matter, what’s the point of living a virtuous life?  Why would I set free the bugs that get into my house instead of squishing them like my wife wants me to?  Why would I care about my elderly neighbor’s health and mow her lawn when it needs it?  Why would I volunteer my time to introduce 7 year old kids to drama?

Why, God?



  1. Hi Jeff, I am a Muslim and wanted to tell you that life is a test. When you are going through hardships financially, physically, mentally is a test, and when you enjoy your full health, wealth, … is a test as well. Will you stay firm in the hardships and still obey Allah? and will you thank Him when He send His bliss upon you or will forget him? So in both cases, it is a test. This life is a place where you plant seeds, and the Hereafter is a place where you harvest what you planted in this life. If you have planted enough, you would survive, if not then …

    If you have questions, feel free to email me. Remember: You in this life are like a guest at your friend’s house, you stay shortly then leave to your home.

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