Before Obama…..

In politics on November 5, 2008 at 11:07 am


…I had never had a bumper sticker for a political candidate on my vehicle.

…I had never owned a piece of clothing (much less four pieces!) with a political candidate’s picture on it.

…I had never come so far out of the closet as a liberal.

…I had never voted for a winning Presidential candidate (sorry, Ross Perot!).

…I had never cried watching a political candidate win a race.

Such is the power of an intelligent, intellectual, compassionate and inclusive candidate.

Such is the power of Hope.

  1. Other than Ross Perot, you could have been writing my story. This is the best feeling ever!

  2. I hear ya on all fronts. I have been saying it all day long but it’s true – I may be permanently goosepimpled. We did it!

  3. Yes. We Did.

    I’ve been saying that and thinking that since they called it for Obama last night.

  4. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an amazing accomplishment it was… to elect him!!

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