Politics and 5 year olds.

In mijos on October 18, 2008 at 7:29 pm

My kids have been semi-tuned in to the political situation this year.  Semi.  We were driving home from something recently and the G-Man asked, “What’s our next president’s name?”  And Mrs. C responded, “Barack Obama.  Isn’t that a cool name?”  To which the G-Man responded, “Barack O’Bottom?  That’s not a cool name at all, mom!”


The other day I was playing “Fancy Restaurant” with both of the boys, which is where they come up to me, take my order, charge me money, and then leave with my money.  Never to return again.  Which is, I assume, very much like it’ll be in the college years.  Anyway, the Mixmaster asked me what I wanted and I said, “I’d like a salad today.”

“Okay, daddy wants one salad.”

“Oh, and son, I’d like dressing on it.”

“Dressing, Dad?”

“Yeah, son.  Dressing.  What kinds of dressing do you have?”

“Um, we have all of them.”

“Okay, Sarah Palin.”  He didn’t get it.  But I chuckled.


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