From the mouths of babes, episode 897…

In mijos on July 18, 2008 at 9:53 am

We just returned from a short vacation to California, where we spend most of our week in the pool.  And the G-Man figured out early on in the vacation that he actually loves to swim.  Previously, he had been reticent to put his head under water, but on this trip he started putting his whole body and head in and swimming.  And he started jumping in the pool from the side, after seeing some other kids doing it (and yelling “Cowabunga!” each time).

Anyway, the last day we were there, we were getting ready to get in the pool, and he was waiting for me to get in so he could Cowabunga in, and he looks at me and says (remember, he’s only 5), “Daddy, get in so I can finish my jumping-in process!”

  1. So. Surfing in Maui next year?

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