Popsicle Stick Wisdom

In silly on July 13, 2007 at 8:53 pm


For some reason, the popsicles we buy have riddles on the sticks. And you can’t read the punchline until you eat the popsicle. Of course, sometimes the anticipation of laughing my ass off – or not – is too much and I take bites of the popsicle and finish it in 10 seconds instead of licking it slowly and finishing it in 5 minutes. Which would be the proper amount of time to allow for proper enjoyment of a frozen confection, based on some report some dude wrote. Or something. Anyway…

From today’s popsicle:

“What did the hockey player do when the thief demanded money?”

“He gave him a check.”

Happy Friday!

  1. And you never get brain freeze? Nice!

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