Cantankerous Pays.

In rant on July 9, 2007 at 10:44 am


My Sprint cell phone died last week….which isn’t the story. But it’s the backstory. And you must know it to understand the rest of the story. Anyhow, my Sprint cell phone died, because the screen went blue, and I went to get a new one at Radio Shack, because they advertise that they carry Sprint stuff and because they’re a lot closer to my house than any of the Sprint Stores in the Denver area. So I selected a nice new fancy phone and I asked them to transfer my 200 phone numbers over to my new phone. “We can’t do that here. You have to go to a Sprint store. They’ll do it for free.” Seriously? Why do you sell Sprint phones then? Is there ANYBODY alive who buys a new cell phone who doesn’t have phone numbers to transfer over? “Uh, hi, I’m stuck in the 1980s and I’m looking to get out of it so I’m here to purchase my very first cell phone.” Right. I bet that happens.

So over the weekend the family and I were over at Belmar picking up some craft supplies and I saw a Sprint store. And I wandered in. “Hi, I have this new phone that I just purchased at Radio Shack and this old phone with the Blue Screen of Death on it. I need my numbers transferred over.” “That’s going to be $15.00.” “What?” “$15.00, sir.” “Are you kidding? I’ve been a customer of Sprint for 7 years AND they said at Radio Shack that you’d do it for free.” “$15.00, sir.” “Damn. I guess I have no choice. Go ahead, then.”

Then, as the clerk walked away with my phones, I muttered under my breath (but purposely loud enough for her to catch it), “That’s the last Sprint phone I buy. The LAST Sprint phone I buy. You just lost a customer.” Because I was a little bent. Sure, it’s only $15. But I’m paying $75 a month for phone service and I’ve been doing it for 7 years; I give them enough of my hard earned money. They should do this kind of stuff for free. What do they have to do, go in the back and connect a couple of cables together? Sure, that’s worth $15. And reality TV is good TV.

Anyhow, so I wander around the store for a few minutes, looking at all the overpriced accessories you can buy for your phone, and the clerk comes out and she hands me my phones and says, “It’s all done. And there’s no charge, sir.” “What?” “No charge. It’s our pleasure.”

I guess sometimes it pays to be cantankerous.


Addendum: Then there’s this: Sprint Hangs Up On High Maintenance Customers


  1. 1) I sincerely hope you don’t feel guilty now.
    2) Good for Sprint. There have been several times that we’ve asked customers at the video store to rent elsewhere because of their excessive annoyances.
    3) What in the world are you doing reading Fox “News”?

  2. Doing the math (on my cell) 12x75x7=$6300. That they have to ‘comp ‘you $15 should be a no-brainer.

    My Isuzu dealer gives me 10% off on every tune-up off since I’ve picked them as my sole provider. I’ve never had to ask, they offered. And they have a free shuttle that runs from 6:30a-6:30p – DIA area included. Too bad they don’t make hybrids. If they did, I’d never have to use another dealership.

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