Overdose on pleasure: Day 1.

In travel on June 3, 2007 at 2:58 pm


Day in La Jolla:  1.

Runs on the beach: 1.

Sand castles built: 2.

Sand castles destroyed by waves:  2.

Walks to the tide pools:  3.

Crab sightings:  5.

Anenome sightings:  5.

Hamburgers grilled:  5.

Beers consumed:  2.

Glasses of red wine consumed:  3.

Boys outfits changed due to sand or water infiltration:  4.

Vacation quickies:  1.

Number of times I’ve thought to myself, “If you manage your investments properly you could end up living here,” and then realized I could make a very cool commercial for a mutual fund company:  1.

Number of times the lyrics to the Men at Work song “Down By The Sea” (“…down by the sea/we overdosed on pleasure…“) have run through my head:  12.

Number of times I’ve said to myself, “This is exactly what I needed:”  1,298.

  1. Hoping you have an INO run very soon.

    San Diego is nice…but there is no snow. Or Steubens. Or Red Rocks. Or lots of other cool Denvery things.

    Don’t forget about us!

  2. HUZZAH!!! Where is my CD?

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