Fair Warning

In mijos on May 18, 2007 at 9:31 am

The kids and I were listening to “Houses of the Holy” this morning before school – mostly because I needed some solid rock to get me to the weekend – and G and I had the following conversation:

Me: What kind of music is this, G?
G: Rock and roll, Daddy.
Me: Do you know that this band is called “Led Zeppelin?”
G: Why?
Me: That’s just what they call it. When you have a band, you can name it anything you want. When you have a band, what will you call it?
G: Hmm(thinks about it for a while). I’ll call it “Shortie Short.”
Me: And what would the name of your CD be?
G: “Clown.”

Later, we were walking back from dropping off M (my 6 year old son) at school, and I asked G about his band again.

G: Daddy, in my band, I’ll be named “Short.” And you can be named “Flat.”

Look for Shortie Short’s first album, “Clown,” featuring Flat, on Daddy Records. Coming soon.

  1. Let me know when you get it on CDBaby and I’ll be sure to buy it. Sounds like it’s hip & now with some old-school influences.

  2. You make having kids sound like fun. I’m on to you mister!!!!

  3. I like the name ‘Clown’.

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