You Be Illin’

In silly on May 11, 2007 at 11:52 am

Sick Boy

The G-Man goes to preschool down at the Auraria campus, and whenever there’s an outbreak of something in one of the rooms, they post it on the door for the benefit of the parents. You know, so when our kid comes down with shingles next week, we know we got it from little Billy last week and we can go have a little chat with little Billy’s parents about how it would be prudent to keep sick kids home from school. Seriously, people! Exercise empathy and keep that sick kid home so the rest of the world doesn’t get it! Or I’ll bring my kid in with leprosy!

Anyway, yesterday I was walking G to his room and we passed by one of the other rooms and it had on the door, and I’m not making this up, the following signs:

“We have been exposed to strep throat.”

“We have been exposed to pink eye.”

“We have been exposed to chicken pox.”

Wow. First of all, I hope that’s not one kid that’s doing all that exposing (like when I used to run around elementary school naked), and second of all, if you ever want to test whether or not your immune system’s working, go hang out at a preschool.

  1. Wow, you’d expose your kid to leprosy just to prove a point. THAT is commitment.

  2. Some parents still send their kids to school sick even when they’re at secondary school and supposedly able to communicate with said parents about how unwell they actually are … had a boy pass out at school this week. To be fair he was off the following day (today, Friday). He’d apparently been filling ill in the morning before school but parent and sent him in to ‘see how he did’


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