Mojo Monday

In mojo mondays on April 30, 2007 at 10:58 pm

In an attempt to get my Writing Mojo back – I feel like it’s been missing, mostly because I haven’t been writing regularly (ever since I started….or, really, my wife started having children and I started being their Dad) – I’m going to start posting things on Mondays that I’ve written. Poetry, short shorts, songs, whatever. Some of them might be new, some of them might be old, but I figure if I post things regularly I’ll be inclined to write more things to post. Plus I’ve written a lot of things that nobody’s ever seen, and I feel pretty comfortable putting it out there for your enjoyment. Or scorn, whichever you may feel. Either way.

The first one is an ode to the unpredictable month of April, from a few years ago.




April rolls over to look back at March. “Ha! It’s my turn, you useless excuse for a month.”

April has never been one for gentle transformation.

She kicks in the screen door, a raging snowstorm at her side like a pet. “You thought those 80 degrees days were here to stay, didn’t you?”

We all look at each other with the uneasiness of high school students watching a sex ed film. The smallest one speaks. “Why, yes ma’am!”

“Well, don’t count on it, you pansies. It’s my month, and we’re going to get something done around here. This ain’t the promise of May, this ain’t the anticipation of December, this is the bitch of April!”


    Love it!

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