Johnny Cash’s House Burns Itself Down

In music on April 11, 2007 at 10:41 am

Johnny Cash’s Tennessee house burned down Tuesday. Which would seem like a tragedy, on the surface. However, it seems that it had been sold to Barry Gibb, who was going to use it as a vacation home.

I was thinking about this this morning, and I think that one of two things happened: Either the house burned itself down or Johnny and June threw a match down from heaven. I mean, c’mon! Barry Gibb living in Johnny Cash’s house? The one he and June lived in from 1968 until their death? Barry Gibb? I mean, I find the Bee Gees amusing (see my disco post later this week), and Barry writes a decent song, but we’re talking about Johnny and June Carter Cash: One of the greatest love stories of American music! The songwriter(s) and singers of a ridiculous number of American music classics! Of course their house wasn’t going to be a vacation home. It should have been a freaking museum. At least.

  1. Sorry had to repost this comment here with corrections. Yes, I’m that proud of it:

    You need to stop all yo’ jive talkin’. Everyone knows that Barry is stayin’ alive in the Cash dream. You make it seem that Barry had started a joke simply to get a message to love somebody, but in all truth it was merely a tragedy because Barry was trying to spend his lonely days figuring out how to mend a broken heart.

    How deep is your love for the Cashs? You must have some sort of night fever if you think the relationship consisted of too much heaven. You should be dancing with joy that someone in the music industry held at least one of the Cashs’ homes.

    There is a word for the cause of that fire and grease is that word.

  2. Grease is the word.
    (grease is the word, is the word,that you heard)

    It’s got groove.
    It’s got meaning(its got a meaning)
    Grease is the time,
    is the place,
    is the motion.
    Grease is the way we are feeling.
    (grease is the word , is the word, is the word…)

  3. Bravo, Howard! I could not agree more. I think Cash would have been mighty pleased that another musician (some might debate this) would be taking up residence in his old home. I don’t think it is an accident that Gibb was looking forward to retiring there. To us, it may seem that the two men existed on different planes but JC would not take that view for one second.

  4. Okay, so JC might not have taken that view….but I wonder if JC’s house might have. That’s all I’m tryin’ to say.

  5. […] had this story about Johnny Cash’s house — owned by Barry Gibb — burning down. I won’t […]

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